The Amazing Goal Achievers

Pacific Place – Arc Realty Ltd. and Pacific Evergreen Realty Ltd, both of which are subsidiary real estate divisions of Pacific Place Group.

We are, however, proud to announce that 2016 is the thirty-first year of Pacific Place Group, twenty-first year of Pacific Place – Arc Realty Ltd, and the 4th year of Pacific Evergreen Realty Ltd.  The two brokerages under Pacific Place Group have been in operation since 1985 and 2013 respectively.

Pacific Place Group is a comprehensive professional corporation that provides you and your clients with a one-stop in-house service with us for one or more of the following businesses – real estate sale and purchase; property management; insurance of all kinds; Education Funds (RESP); Segregated & Mutual Funds (RRSP); Financial, Tax & Estate Planning; assets & Wealth Management; and

Mortgage – thereby saving much of your valuable time in shopping around, increasing the chance of your success, and creating a sense of satisfaction that exceeds you and your clients’ expectation.


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